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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Life is Fragile....and Lucky

Salaams and Helloo!

Opsssss...I have been infected with launching bugs...haiizzz..closed my eyes, I don't want to count my WIP and just hope that at least 70% in the list will be finished..hahahaha..what to do, I just can't refrain myself from stitching this beauties..anything about teacup and teapot will make me happy..good for my stress therapy..*wink*

For this chart, the teacup design is not detailed as my previous teacup project thus I have a smooth stitching journey and of course with the help of Aida fabric makes my stitching life easier. Kak reen..wanna join me to SAL this piece? *wink*

On tatting project, I am currently working on this lovely lucky clover design. I have been tatting this doily about a month already :-) I am having a problem when working with a long chain. The size will be about 10 inch since I am using a flora no. 20 thread...can't wait to finish it soon but I have few RE cushion that need to be sewn and completed.

Thanks for reading and have a good crafting day!


ALynn said...

wahhh.. chantekk la life is fragile tuhhh... sj je akak ni taw!!

Reen said...

Sal, laju nye. i'm still on the lace n wordings. teacups belum mula lagi.
I really kena stop Cafe world n fokus la on reality.

oh! the tatting is cantik. nice colour.

Salmi said...

Salaam alynn, hehehe..cantik kan ;-)

Salaam kak reen, laju tu pasal aida tu kan dah jadik makanan...hahahah..takpe kak slow2 buat sbb in craft slow is beautiful :-)

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...