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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ivy Leaves Cyclamen

Hello!..I am back with my needle, thread, ribbon and fabric after a busy life 3 weeks in a row..phewww it was hectic and tiring. I was in the mode of withdrawal syndrome when my body and mind are cloudy with unsolved matters and problems. To start of the stitching mode, I want to do something that is easy and not too brain taxing. I opened my china cabinet, go through all my botanic garden collection one by one and selecting the pattern that is simple to do. What is my pick this time ?..its Cyclamen Repandum

This species is found from southern France to Greece and has large, lobed leaves that are dark green with conspicuous silver-grey mottling and marbling. Considering its lush foliage, spring blooming habit and Mediterranean homeland, it is surprisingly frost hardy. Its flowers are pleasantly scented, have petals up to 20mm long and occur in white and all shades of pink to light red. (source from :

It may looks simple, but still took me two days to finish it. I am using 6 mm satin ribbon for the petals, two tone ribbon color for the stem. The novelty button add more character to the design that is inspired by the Portmeirion - Botanic Garden Collection.

Have a great day ahead and will try to update my cross stitch progress in my next entry. Insyallah.


zaliana said...

cantiknya kak! dan 1st time tengok bunga ni..nampak sweet akak nak buat apa yer

Salmi said...

Salaam za, thanks..bunga tu adaptasi dari pinggan portmeirion..akak padankan sebelah daffodil yang dah siap hari tu..nanti nak jadikan kushen...:-)