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Monday, March 29, 2010

Just cooking and reading

Hello and salaams to all my dear friends.

I am in the mood of baking and since every body at home loves carrot cake, I had decided to try a recipe shared by hani. Thanks for the yummeh dear, it is worth spending the time preparing and eating the cake...:-)

I had promised to DD's that I will bring them to the book fair at PWTC, however I am bit reluctant to go there during weekend knowing the traffic condition, limited parking space and a big crowd since it is the last two days of the event. Instead, I brought them to xcess bookshop at level 3, amcorp mall after I read the advertisement in the newspaper about this bookshop.

What so special and makes it different from other bookshop ?.Price tag!..It sell a new book and lower price compared to other well known bookshop. On average, I spend about RM12 for for 9 books and one magazine.

Meg Cabot books are priced from RM9.90 to Rm17.90. DD's went crazy deciding which book to choose..yeah looking at the offer price versus the allocated budget *wink*. I knew they want more time, ok *smile*

It is quite interesting to learn DD interest had changed from Mr midnight to princess diaries then charmed series, sophie kinsella, stephanie meyer and now XOXO..gossip girl *wink*..and it price at RM14.90 each.

Till next entry, XOXO from me !


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh dear kak.. just look at that creamy frosting! my fave frosting! lol.. anyway, I agreed with you about the book fair.. it was too crowded and PM came on that Sunday and the crowd went worst! and the bookshop is my fave place to hang out too! good books and good price, what else do we want right? :D

Salmi said...

salam aziah, owh sib baik me tak pegi..hiks..donno why tis time dorang buat dah hujung2 cuti sekolah..kalau tak boleh gi during weekdays less traffic..seems that xcess is going to be our fave place to hang out too :-)

MamaTiaMia said...

salam salmi,you make me drooling lah..i paling suka 2 jenis cake i.e moist old style plain butter cake and moist heavy carrot cake with perfect frosting:)soo ye la thistel tu dulu guoman now managed by thistle london..service is now very good and they are children friendly too:)

Salmi said...

Salaam mamatiamia..your cooking also has inspired and make me drooling :-)..we all love guoaman/thistle coz of their warm hospitality..beberapa tahun lepas, mmg every year stay kat guoman..and staff dia memang friendly..:-)