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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tool for the craft battle

One of my personal favourite craft book collection is silk ribbon embroidery by Judith montano. It is a good book that you may want to consider for an investment. It is not available here but you may purchased it from Mr. Ebay. I would like to share with my crafter friends out there on the information available in the book about
Variety of needles is used for ribbon embroidery but the most often used will be chenille and tapestry needle. Crewel needle will be need for finer embroidery thread, and straw needle are wonderful for French and Colonial knots. Beading needle are always useful highlighting the flowers with beads.

When choosing a needle there are a few things to consider:
  • What kind of fabric are you working on
  • Is the ribbon silk or satin?. Will the needle will be piercing the fabric several times per stitch, or will it pass between the fabric and the ribbon?
  • How wide is the ribbon?
  • What type of stitch will you use.
Remember, that the eye of needle must be large enough and long enough to hold the ribbon and wide enough to make a large enough hole to allow the ribbon to pass through the background fabric without stress. The higher the number of the needle, the smaller the size of the needle. If the needle will be used to pull the ribbon between a previous stitch and the fabric, use a blunt needle. This way you won't snag the ribbon or fabrics. If the fabric is heavy and an extremely tight weave, and if the stitch requires piercing the fabric a great deal, use a sharp point.

Chennile Needle

A large and long-eyed needle with a sharp point. Comes in size 18 to 24. Keep a good stock of all these sizes.

Tapestry Needle

A blunt ended needle with a large eye. Used for cross stitch and needlepoint. Use in ribbon works to prevent snagging thread. Comes in size 13 to 26. Get an assortment of the most useful sizes -- 18 to 24

Straw Needle

Also known as milliner's needle. It is long and narrow with the same thickness top to bottom. Wonderful for making french and colonial knots.

Crewel/Embroidery Needle

A sharp pointed needle with a long narrowed eye. Comes in size 1 to 10. Used originally for the fine floss and yarn embroidery. Purchase an assortment of packet of sizes 3 to 9.


A very long, large needle with a large eye. Can be a wool or cotton darner. Use for heavy thread and yarns or wide ribbon. Keep an assortment of sizes 14 to 18 on hand. Good for assembly work.

For your information, the photo shown are my personal picture. You may purchased the needles from Haby and Wool and Pn. Ann's online shop for Dmc Brand. For John James you may source your supply from Kak Umi's and Craft World, SS2 Petaling Jaya.

Till next entry, happy stitching and crafting.


MamaTiaMia said...

salam salmi,you are so passionate about your needle works:)the hasil pun so cantik:)tengok needle teringat hari tu tercucuk tangan masa nak pendekkan tali gown tia mia,i memang tak der talent dengan menjahit:) re : hopefully dah masak dried wantan.

zaliana said...

kak..tengok koleksi jarum tu..mcm semua dah saya byk tak tau nak guna ..esp yg halus2 brand john james tu

Salmi said...

Salaam mamatiamia, thanks for yur sweet notes, dried wantan coming soon ! *wink)

Salmi said...

salaam Za, akak kan, my bad habits la kan..suka beli spare2 berlebih2 hehehe sbb tak suka kalau nak jahit, barang2 takde, really spoil my moods. ekcelli jj yang kecik2 tu means for embroidery..:-)

MamaTiaMia said...

salam slami,happy that you have succesfully masak wantan:)

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