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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Cup and Saucers

Salaams and hello to all my friends and readers,

Move on to my next WIP - cup and saucer cross stitch by design works. I had completed the wording and the lace part, leaving me to work on the cup and saucers plus the multiple heart shape for the background. I don't have any problems working on this chart but I had purposely create a problem for myself..hahaha :-)

I knew from the beginning that the length of the Aida fabric which I plan to use is not sufficient to accommodate the whole design nicely. I will need to extent the fabric length by joining it with another Aida fabric should I want to proceed with the existing fabric.

I could not find any information from Mr Google about how to do it, so it is up to me to make it happen - my way *wink* for -- unnoticeable and smooth join. After some thinking and experimenting, I took the plunge to join the fabric, something which I never done before with a precaution that I must carefully join the pieces so that the row of threads are in the straight line. can still noticed the joined *wink* but since it was almost at the end of the chart, I think it is not so obvious and acceptable to ke?..we shall see the final result after framing.

Till next entry, Take care and tons of love from me!


shima said...

salam salmi,
memang tak perasan sangat joint tu..kalau tak bg tau... cantik..x sabar nak buat ..dpt chart tu dari k reen... ingat nak joint salmi...tak dapat kejar le...dah banyak tu..shima tak start lagi... panjang berapa meter ya?

Salmi said...

salaam shima, tu la..hopefuly la kan bila dah frame tak perasan sangat..sbb malas nak beli kain baru..owhh tatau shima nak buat jugak..hehehe..takpe..boleh kejar lagi..sal nak break jap..sbb nak concentrate ngan RE pulak..lagi pun teacup nie tak se cerewet teacup yang kita pernah jahit sebelum nie..

ok anggaran panjang atau lebar kain tu dalam yg selesa termasuk framing dalam 24 inci..tinggi dia dalam 9 inci termasuk basi untuk frame

Yoon said...
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Yoon said...

Kak Salmi,
Cantik sangat cup & saucers tu... akak join kain tu camne? guna sewing machine ke?

Yati said...

Kak Sal,
panjangnya, 24 inci.
I think u have done a great job, sambung kain tu. Macam kak Shima cakap, kalau tak cakap, tak nampak pun joint tu.

Reen said...

i'm still stitching the lace and wordings part. tu pun i gerak cam keretapi yg nak breakdown.

Salmi said...

Salaam Yoon, thanks dear ! akak memula pin dulu join tu after slowly match box tu satu persatu..pastu jahit tangan..takleh guna mesin takut lari..:-)

Salmi said...

Salaam yati, thanks yati :-)..

Salaam kakreen, ketapi tak breakdown la..dia bawak muatan banyak sbb tu sloww..akak banyak wip kan..kan..kan..hehehehe..takpe pelan2 jalan..nanti sure sampai..lagi pun peten nie simple nak buat tak complicated sangat..go go akak reen !

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