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Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's Bread Time

Salaam Maal Hhijrah buat semua pembaca yang dikasihi..Ekcelli dah lama me dok fickle- minded about buying the bread maker machine. Some times I said to my self I need it, then after sometime I said to myself that I don't need it, and the yes or not rhythm keep singing in my heart and mind until DH singing the same song that we should buy it :-) and Kenwood bread maker is our pick *wink*.

I bought the BM250 models with 11 program of bread/dough making. It is user friendly and easy to operate. I loves cooking style yang main campak ajer terus siap..hikss..lazy me ^sigh^. We simply love the output..homemade bread made by machine and us..

I am not really into plain white dish but I really like my finding from the best buy shelf at SOGO. It has the country looks which definitely will add some character on my dining table

Till next entry, happy sewing and baking everyone..xoxo

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