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Monday, November 22, 2010

To serve the purpose

Salaams and Hello!

What a long silence and my apology to my blog readers for not updating my blog for quite sometimes. Since the last few months I have been busy with a long list of family occasions till mid of December *wink*.

This is the 4th decorative painting with topiary design which kak Nora had painted for me. Dunno why I like topiary so much. Must be that it looks simple and sweet to me. I have done topiary RE when I started to do the Ribbon Embroidery but I never stitch any Topiary cross stitch motif since I have not found design that suit my interest.

The design was inspired from the cottage style magazine.

This is where I want to hang the painting. To cover a bit of the eyesore part (my eyes, actually). To my DH he is buying furniture only to serve a purpose where he can keep his 'periuk belanga and all his cooking gadget in our small wet kitchen where he is our Chef At Home most of the time :-)

And, to me I am not only wants to have a furniture that serve the purpose but with style *wink*. I am exercising my Veto power to hang a custom look decorative painting to pleased my eyes..*wink*.

Till next entry, have a wonderful day and I will be back with my update on my craft soon. Take Care!


MamaDaniel said...

cantik!!!! :)

Mrs. Fedex said...

cantik sangat..
terus nampak lawa kitchen tuh..

Salmi said...

thanks mamadaniel & Mus, credit to kak Nora :-)

MamaTiaMia said...

Hi salmi..nenek kebaya love syr topiary painting very very much:) really cantik:)i suka kak nora punya works..i ada satu hasil kerja friend tempahkan bagi hadiah birthday tia mia:)and reallu cantik you letak kat situ:) can't wait for your craft entry:)p.s my cucus panggil me wansu..nenek pun i tak nak..he..hee:)

Ogy said...

cantiknyaa....i always love topiary design.....untung pandai melukih..

Salmi said...

mamatiamia, thank you..yes kak nora nyer painting is thumbs up :-)

thanks gee, kak sal memang sukerr topiary :-)