Thank you, Beautiful people :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cream Puff

Assalaam and Hello everyone :-)

This is my first attempt to make a cream puff using a recipe from zaliana. I like the soft choux pastry texture and make a plain cream patisserie instead adding a canned corn since DH prefers a plain custard taste.
With the option of chocolate icing or sugar, I choose to sprikle it with sugar. Enjoy !


shogun_na said...

looks delicious...yum yum...

CikTie said...

sedapnya.... rajinlah akak ni! tgh buat projek apa pula skrg ni?

Angeline Yoshiko said...

I love cream puffs too...especially the creamy part inside, not so much of the pastry....yours are so yummy.

Salmi said...

na, ciktie, and angeline..thank u :-)

ciktie, kak sal busy with xstitch project sekarang RE kena hold kejaps :-)