Thank you, Beautiful people :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Joan Elliot Friendship sampler


Salaams and hello my blog readers :-). This is my 3rd time stitching this piece. Never get bored. How can I ever get bored as all the motif are my favourite - teacup, teapot, saucer and lace border..simply pretty!

"While the pot boils..Friendship Blossoms". Even though some of my stitching friends is no longer active in blogging world but we still keep in touch in FB :-), the friendship keep blossoms :-)

I try to set the deadline to finished it in this HOPE and need to put more effort since my dear friend has been waiting for too long..thanks so much for your understanding :-)

Can't write much as I need to continue my sewing. Till then, take care and loads of love.


shima said...

sal cantik
bilalah shima nak start. huhu

HaniCheLat said...

ini orang tempah ye sis? rajin sungguh!

Salmi said...

Salaam shima, thanks..sal pun berangan2 ni nak start kitchen dresser, tapi rasanya lama lagi kot nak mula..

salaam hani, yes nie my friend tempah..thanks yer :-)