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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ribbon Rose Curtain Tie-Back

Salaams and hello everyone :-)

A simple project for my window curtain just to instill my mood to resume few of my pending RE project after almost 2 months break since my last pillow project :-). I was busy with my baking business and few cross stitch project and the Ribbon embroidery tempo has been missing from my stitching routine *wink*

Matchmaking process usually take sometimes to decide what color to use and I usually arrange all color that I feels able to fit in the existing curtain color. I have to be careful as the curtain background color is already crowded with flower and damask motifs.

I am not very keen to use curtain fringe with dangling beads as I more into wools fringe but after few shops visit along Jalan Tar from Harrisons to Kamdar, the above seems to be the best choice *sigh* as those shops don't have many curtain fringe that suit my preference.

The end result *wink*. My ardent commentator is not pleased with the color as he said that the curtain background overshadow my tie-back, never mind..I am happy with it *wink*

Happy stitching!


* FAR * said...

wah.. cantik..

Muna said...

beautiful!! I love it!!

Salmi said...

salaam far and muna :-)..thanks so much, xoxo :-)

BalkisMR said...

cantik nye... kite teringin nak belajar sulam reben. tp tak mane nak start. haha..

Salmi said...

thanks balkis..for a start buku A-Z is good book by country kelas pun lg better..ngan pn ann or kak umi :-)

BalkisMR said...

kadang2 bace buku, tak brape paham. kene orang tunjuk br bes kan? br nak stat experimen. jarum n reben pon belum beli.hiihi

Salmi said...

yes, balkis..berguru much better :-)

Ulla's Quilt World said...

That is so lovely! :)