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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mothers Teacup - Paint and sew

Salaams and Hello everyone :-)

Another week of November, and by next week we will be in December of 2011, in another more or less 35 days we will be in 2012..pheww time does flies..another year older *wink*. Dalam bizi2 pun sempat lagi nak cuit2 sikit project alas meja nie yang me beli masa sales kat Living Quarters, The Curve ~ my fav place kalau nak hunt for nice cotton table cloth. Tapi kena tunggu sales so that boleh dapat price less than RM100..normal price biasanya dalam RM200-Rm250 untuk alas meja 6 kerusi :-)

Original design table cloth, plain white embroidery thread with crochet lace edging. Me rasa cam dull sikit sebab semua white, so plan memula nak sew ribbon embroidery on top of the embroidered flower tapi bila mengenangkan banyak kerja sebab bunga2 keliling table cloth, mau bertahun2 la me nak siapkan..silap2 sampai reput kain pun belum tentu siap..ngeeeee :-)

So, me pun asked kak Nora help to paint the design adapted from Sandy Lynam clough - mothers teacup and later me will embroidered it with ribbon. Ada 4 motif teacup design by sandy yang me pilih to paint at each corner of the table cloth, this design nampak sarat sikit with intricate doily, big flower and necklace with heart pendant. To keep it simple, me just add 2 flower, bit of leaves and brass 'like' heart embellishment yang me beli kat Quilt Gallery - voila!

Got to go now, I need to continue my stitching, take care everyone and enjoy your holiday :-)


shima said...


bertambah seri bila dah add, ribbon dan button tu.... emmm rajinnya

CoCo said...

kak salmi, cantiknya mothers teacup itewww...

Salmi said...

shima, thanks..rajin yang datang sekali sekala..bila angin sepoi2 bahasa bertiup..hehehehe

coco darling, thank you dear :-)