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Friday, March 30, 2012

Flower on Fan Lace

Salaams and Hello *smile*

I just love to play around with RE flowers on this design. With little imagination on flower and color combination, I took few Ribbon Embroidery's book from my book shelf and search for the desired flower making technique and arrange it in the position that simply pleased my eyes.

I sincerely hope the owner will like it. Took me many months to sew it..sorry dear, insyallah by next week, it will turn into tote bag ya, insyallah :-) to go now since my sewing room is still under construction..I am way behind schedule..*sigh*.

Till next entry, take care and have a nice weekend ahead, xoxo


shima said...

cantiknya sal, kagum3

Salmi said...

terima kasih shima :-)

CikTie said...

cantik kak...seperti biasa, color combination akak mmg menarik...:) selamat menjahit!

Salmi said...

salaam ciktie, terima kasih :-)

Salmi said...

salaam ciktie, terima kasih :-)