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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Miss Mille feuille

Salaam and Hello Readers,

Yuuhuuu..lamanya me tak update blog..masih lagi dengan alasan kesibukan yang membataskan waktu untuk berblogging.  Since last month lagi me dengan rasa terpaksa rela..*sigh* assisting DD with her school Entrepreneurship Group Project.  She was selected by her teacher to participate in the programme which held in 3 months.  Best group with highest sales revenue will represent their school at the next level..arghhh..I was reluctant to allow her to participate considering that she will be sitting for her SPM this year, and at the same time, she also held several key post in the "Persatuan" that she joined..and me already occupied with my own commitment to family, work and customer..I cannot squeeze my time to accomodate another responsibility but for the sake of her success in this programme, I had to sacrifice my time and energy :-).

We decided to sell mille feuille which is simple, easy and shorter baking process.  The response is so overwhelming,  till we had to limit the order per week because of time limitation.  No doubt, she learned a lot in selling this mille feuille starting from sourcing the ingredient and packaging, managing the fruit and pastry stock, marketing, promotion, selling, accounting and profit sharing distribution.  Glad to hear from her that " it's not easy to earn a money" and most important things is be honest with customer.  Sell only consumable pastry that is baked till golden brown and only use good quality fresh fruits so that customer is happy for what they had paid for and will become a loyal customer.  Well fone, DD shahirah!

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