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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Inacraft 2012

Salaams and Hello readers :-)

I was in Jakarta from 27 April to 30th April 2012 mainly to visit  Inacraft 2012 held at Jakarta Convention Centre.  The exhibition hall is big and we definitely need more than one day to cover the whole exhibition ground.  This year, I noticed that more crafter are participating and floors are flooded with crowd.

As we are not allowed to take photo, I did not snap much, only at booth that I made some purchase.  I really admired the ribbon embroidery done on this basket by Buanda.  Their embroidery are simple but yet the colour combination and neat works really catch my eye.

We can find many booth participating ranging from household items, jewellery, gifts and souvenier, clothing, spa items, antiques and of course batik -- their core products.  I really love the beautiful painting below :-)

I noticed this tenmoku pottery, have extensive range of product from wall plaque, bell, fridge magnets to key chain.

Dian Pelangi are crowded with customer since they are having sale up to 50% for their clothing range.  I bought 3 pcs shawl for my doters only at rm15 each :-)

Overall, it was a wonderful personal experience for me as I have a chance to see many innovative, creative and preservation done on Indonesia crafts especially their batiks.  They have many range of batik from handpainted, stamping, printing and their works are simply amazing.  Looking at our batik industry, we need a lot of improvement in terms of the design and varieties.  I welcome the government ruling that batik becomes a formal attire for their staff on every Thursday and  it should be extend to private sector so that our batik industry can grow and have our own identity.   

See you in Inacraft 2013 :-), Insyallah.

Happy crafting and have a great weekend ahead.


zaliana said...

hai kak...nampak mcm best jer pegi sana..tak silap tahu lepas pun akak pegi jugak kan..yang ada siulam riben tu akak beli ker

Salmi said...

salam za, ha ah last year pun akak ada pergi..memang best sebab akak suka tengok dorang nie kreatif..macam2 penghasilan untuk menampung hidup yang dorang buat..akak ada beli satu sulam riben tu bentuk bulat..nanti akak tag kat fb bebila free yer :-)

Salmi said...
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