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Monday, May 14, 2012

Opick - Rhythm of Soul

Salaams and Hello readers :-)

 I have been listening to opick's song for quite sometimes  but never got a chance to be at his concert in Malaysia.  All of his songs have a spiritual lyrics and beautiful melody that really touched my heart, sometimes tears flows silently whenever I relate it to myself.  Thanks to for brought Opick to Malaysia and few other nasyid singer Ustaz Dzulkarnain, Munif Hijjaz, Hafiz Hamidun, Hazamin Inteam and Ustaz Amal for a two days concert - Rhythm of Soul from 21st April - 22 April 2012.  The concert with a concept of Dzikrullah that touched my heart, make me grateful for so many blessings that Allah s.w.t had gave to me and my family.

Ady putra also present at the concert, and fan asked him to duet with opick for a Rapuh song that was played during the Tentang Dhia TV3 drama series and opick was later informed by the Programme Manager about Ady and he was suprised :-).  Ady can sing *wink* and not bad at all :-)

We enjoyed the concert and Opick had generously sang a few bonus song from fan request, obviously many wants him to keep singing but it's already 12:00 am whereas the concert should end at 11:30 pm.  Those who not able to be at the concert, TV Alhijrah has made a recording for this concert and will be on air in the month of Syawal, insyallah.

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