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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Daisies Oh Daisies

Salaams and Hello readers :-)

Well, the second episode of the pillow order is Daisies *wink*.  It is quite difficult for me to decide what design and flower to stitch on pre-determine Maroon color fabric by the owner.  As the owner had ordered from me quite a number of cushion, I have to carefully select the design that match the whole interior of the house. 

To make it worst, the owner let me to decide the design..aiyaaa..fening..hahaha..since the design selection is left open...I am having a dilemma and conflict of interest..hehehe..will my choice suits customer preference?.. 

After few weeks..thinking what is the best design to stitch..from Di Van Nierk to Inspiration Magazine, Ann Cox to Helen Dafter book, finally, I decided to choose another design from Ribbon Rennaisance by Helen Erikson with some modification on the flower.

After the preview session with the owner and she gave me a nod to proceed..legaaa..I will continue to complete this design in 3 pcs.  I miss my UFO xstitch project, and will try to update it in my next entry..but which to start first as the list is getting longer..haishhh :-)

Take care and happy stitching :-)


shima said...

sal, comel bunga daisy ni, shima suka bunga daisy

Salmi said...

salaam shima, terima kasih..sal pening tak tau dah nak buat bunga apa..sebab customer suka bunga kecik2 and sweet2 and kaler pun tak nak bright2 sangat..jenuh dok adjust ..nak scheme pink dah banyak dah bunga pink sal buat untuk pillow dia..sal pun suka daisy tapi harga dia boleh tahan juga :-)

Nur-nba said...

Wah sangat cantik.. Kreatifnya kak Salmi.. Berkenan pula..

Salmi said...

salaam nur, terima kasih :-)

Salmi said...

salaam nur, terima kasih :-)