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Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Mille Crepe Cake *wink*

Salaams and hello readers *smile*

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and me too :-) enjoying and exploring the journey of making a Mille Crepe Cake with DH and DD.  DD prepared the crepe batter and DH is helping me to prepare the crepe and assemble the cake :-)....took us almost 3  hours to produce one cake *sigh*.  I had to make an extra batter due to few of the crepe cannot be use, some of them torn or difficult to remove from the non stitck pan (I wonder why..maybe I should refrigerate it longer than 30 minutes)..patience is needed for this labour intensive cake and after few trial and error..finally we make --  just OK crepe *wink*.  

We came to know about this mille crepe cake from Food Foundry at section 17, Petaling Jaya.  You may click to these link to know more about this shop from these blogs Angmegan and 10 more bites.  I told DH that I want to try to make one,  but he warned me that it is not easy to make a crepe, hurmm.. so I delayed my plan and decided to find as much as possible information about this cake until I have confidence to make one.

When I saw Azlita's entry about the cake, it makes me drooling and the picture tells me that I should try it..hiks.  Thanks to Azlita Aziz (May Allah blessed you for the knowledge shared).

We managed to make about 20 layers of crepe with vanilla cream custard filling and the verdict is - we love it !! The moment you finished the first slice, definitely you wants to have one more slice..the vanilla cream custard filling is just awesome and it is really worth our efforts *Smile*.  

Other than Food Foundry, there is another shop selling mille crepe cake with more variety of fillings : Humble Beginnings at Jalan Telawi Bangsar.

Have a wonderful week ahead..xoxo.


Puteri Nurhayati said...

Kak Sal punya gambar buat Yati rasa nak cari kek. Hehe.. susahnya buat kek tu.. berlayer-layer yek... macam lasagna pun ada. Alamak... lamanya tak makan..

Salmi said...

salaam yati, thank you :-)..ha ah susah jugaklah..mungkin tak berapa mahir lagi rasanya..selalu buat nanti insyallah boleh..tapi rasa macam lama lagi kot nak buat lagi..hehehe..alamak kak salmi pun teringat lasagna dah nie..yum :-)

Salmi said...
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