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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

scones with jam and cream

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My scone is posing without her partner,  fruit jam and cream as everyone at the dining table cannot wait to enjoy this hot scone, fresh from oven *wink*. This recipe make about 20 scones using a cookie cutter about 1 inch heights and 2 inches diameter.  So, lets go through the recipe.  It took me 40 minutes to prepare this scone :-)


450g self raising flour or 450g all purpose flour + 2tsp baking powder (me use self raising floor)
large pinch of salt
50g butter, chilled and diced
1 tbsp lemon juice
about 400ml milk, plus extra to glaze
fuit jam, to serve
clotted cream or whipped heavy cream to serve


1. preheat oven 230c (me used 200c)
2. sift the flour and baking powder if use all purpose flour and salt into mixing bowl.
3. add butter and rub with fingertips until fine and evenly textured
4. whisk the lemon juice into milk and leave for about 1 minutes and pour into the flour mixture and mix quickly to form a soft but pliable dough (me tuang sikit2 until dough tu masih melekat2 dekat jari tapi masih boleh bentuk dough bulat, so memang tak guna semua 400ml - dalam 250-300ml je guna). THE WETTER THE MIXTURE, the lighter the resulting scone will be BUT IF THEY ARE TOO WET, they will spread during baking and lose their shape
5. knead the dough to form a ball, then rolled it out on on floured surface to thickness at least 1 inch.
6. Using a cookie cutter and dipping into a flour each time stamps out the scones. place them of a floured baking sheet (me tak guna baking sheet, just tabur tepung atas dulang pembakar). Re-roll any trimmings and cut out more scones
7. Brush the top of the scones lightly with a little milk and bake in the pre-heat oven for 20 minutes or until risen and golden brown.
8. Wrapped the scone in a clean dish towel to keep them warm and soft until ready to serve.

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