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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dreamscapes/Panel Embroidery

Salaams Everyone,

How is your holiday :-).  I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.  I did not plan any holiday trip as I want to stay at home, sleeping, baking, housekeeping and reading :-)..maybe little stitching *wink*.  The rainy weather make me a lazy person..(excuse) hiks.. ney..ney..ney..actually I need a good break after a hectic schedule in the month of October.  The first week of October we had a surprised call from our relatives informing about wedding invitation but was changed to engagement ceremony on the next day and later it was cancelled..sangat kelam kabut..but we strongly believed that memang dah takde jodoh and Allah is the best planner. Both couple never talk to each other and it is all about family arrangement..during the engagement ceremony..few terms are not agreed upon and they decided not to proceed with the wedding..what a drama.  At the end of October, I am so busy moving to a new office which is closer to my home :-)..the decision to moved to a new office is part of the company future planning and direction :-).  I am hoping for the best for the challenging future :-).  Ok now, move to this embroidery panel, I purchased this two piece panel from Di Van Nierkerk Online Shop.  Tah tersampuk angin apa la tetiba suka pulak dengan embroidery on printed fabric nie..this requires a lot of detailed works and using a small size ribbon..saja la nak cari penyakit kan..hiks

This piece was done by Di and I took the picture from her websites.  Such a beautiful, intricate and meticulous embroidery work.  Actually I had ordered the two piece panel below, but they had send me a wrong panel above, so Di had generously asked me to keep the piece and she send the correct panel order without any extra charge..Thanks Di and both of you :-)

 Cantikkan..imagine if we have garden like this..besar nie pun jadilah kan..full of blooming flowers

House with a picket fence *beau*

And, this piece is a gift from a special friend Kak Nora who had introduced to me this embroidery art.  Kak Nora not only a talented painter but she is also good at scenery quilting and silk ribbon embroidery :-).  Whenever I send my items for her to do decorative painting, we usually spend about half an hour in her sewing room and I was like ooo..ahhh..looking at  her craft books, antique lace and silk ribbon :-)..Kak Nora, sorry la tak gerak2 lagi pun benang tu..tersadai lagi kat situ..ampunnn :-)

till next entry, take care everyone..enjoy your weekend and always be careful during this rainy season..xoxo


shima said...

wow, salmi, cantik2nya.... ingatkan cross stitch tadi.... :)

Reen said...

Beautiful la. Klu ada xs , mau da beli. Hehehe

Salmi said...

salaam kak reen & shima :-))..ha ah mmg cantikkan :-)) kalau xstitch sure dah beli punya :-))

Muna Mahdzar-Fadaaq said...

Extremely beautiful, sangat cantik sampai tak tau nak kata apa... good job!!

Salmi said...

salaam muna..mmg cantikksn :-)

Kay said...

so exquisitely beautiful♥♥♥

Salmi said...

indeed, kay :-)