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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kampung Boy Gets Lost, 30 Years Later The Portable Lat

Salaam and hello readers,

Reading and cleaning mode while counting the days left in 2012 and look forward for 2013 :-) another year older *wink* opss wiser *wink*.  This year the spring clean of the bookshelves is bit massive as both DD are entering into different phase of academic life.  There are a lot of reference and exercise book, some goes into the dustbin, some goes into the recycle box and some were given to their cousins and neighbours.  

While I am re arranging the books, I found this four Datuk Lat's comics book.  If I am not mistaken Datuk's Lat comic book is more than 20 title but we only have four of his book collection :-).  Browsing the kampung boy's book title brought me back to a memories of 30 years ago :-) and above pic remind me during my childhood days weaving the mengkuang mat with my late grandmother.

and the belle-bottoms back in fashion, reminded me about one of my ex-boss who loves to wear a bell bottom pants when he came to works and he has a long sideburn too "sigh" 

Ahhh this congkak game, kuku semua penuh dengan tanah sebab korek lubang congkak dekat bawah rumah but I enjoyed the game very much with my cousins and sister :-)

In less than 2 weeks, the school will reopens and the traffic jam will resume :-)

I love this quote " If you lose your way go back to where you started.  Till next entry, take care and enjoy your holiday :-)


Yati said...

Parents Yati pun ada simpan buku Lat lama, ada 2. Seronok baca dulu, sekarang tak tau pi mana buku tu. :)

Salmi said...

salaam yati, buku lat memang tak jemu baca..walaupun dialog dia singkat2 tapi besar maksudnya..kak salmi pun ada few lagi buku yang dah rosak sebab dah lama sangat..selalunya kak salmi suruh anak2 baca supaya dorang paham zaman parents dorang dulu..hiks masa dulu tak mampu nak beli kamera nak rakamkan kehidupan semasa kecil :-)