Thank you, Beautiful people :-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Alhamdulillah wa syukrulillah the water supply has been returned to normal supply. No more water rationing for every two days.  What a relieved *phew*.  DD said this rose cutting design by Christie Repasy is a long lost project, but I must say that it went for hibernating for some times.  I managed to stitched few boxes a day to keep it moving to the finishing line and not to stay in my UFO list. Like my lil sis said in malay proverbs " Sehari selembar benang, lama-lama menjadi kain. so me tukar pulak sehari dua lembar benang lama-lama duduk la dia dalam frame *muahahaha*

Half stitch is one of the easiest stitch, but I don't like it as I can easily miscounting the number of stitches and re-counting is time consuming *wink*..sebabnya adalah mim alif lam sim nak menanda padahal marker tu ada sampai 3 *hiks*.

miahahaha, kan Cikgu Besar dah bersuara *hiks* dangerously only in stitching but not in real life *sigh*.  Till next entry, see you when I see you.  Take care and have a beautiful day ahead.


Unknown said...

Kak salmi,

Keep it up! Never loose focus! Hehehe...

Yati said...

Hehe.. sama la. Yati tak pernah guna atau tanda pada kain. Lama juga tak buat cross stitch. Mood cs dah lama hilang.
Chaiyok kak Sal! Betul tu. Bior sikit-sikit progress, lama-lama siap le tu.

Salmi said...

thank you semua :-)))

Souad abdelkader said...

très jolie broderie