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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More on tatting and Ribbon Embroidery many things to do and wants to do but yet so little time available for my hobbies and end up doing it bit here and there. 2nd lesson with sis Umi, we are spending more than 3 hours -- just to practice a folded ribbon technique and here is the result. After class, continue to practice and after few flowers done..tak dapat ilham la pulak to finish this design..fold it and let it to hibernate for a while as usual..*grin* and make a small project which is RE pinchusion.

Errr...jangan tertipu ngan gambar nie..It does not look good in real life..*LOL* this was my first pumpkin pincushion..there still a room for improvement..*wink*

Here is my first doily and I am glad that at last I managed to tatted one. Thanks to Ain, sis Ros and Sis Reen for make me envy with their works and push my self..LOL..and I also make one butterfly from onion ring. Credit to

Design : Snowflakes - 2nd Day of December
By - Lene Bjorn - One Shuttle One Thread - Floretta no. 10

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