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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red Tote Bag

Helloo and Salaams,

At last, after a year.*sigh* took me a year to complete this tote bag..*LOL*. I had enrolled a bag making lesson at Quilt Gallery in Bangsar, march last year and utilised the 6 session to produce only one bag!..hurmmm..that shows I am pretty slow in sewing *grin* huhuhu..confession of a novice tailor. It was a great personal achievement for me after finishing this simple bag. To me, it is simple because I have seen others had sewn a pretty and complicated bag design which makes me drooling every time I pay a visit to their personal blog.

The inside part of the bag. I makes 2 small pockets for my small items and one large pocket to fit in my purse. To make the bag looks solid, I used batting and bag interfacing.

Opsss, bag making books!. Looks like someone is going to make more bag..*wink*. Only time will tell when I am going to sew my 2nd bag *smile*. There a are a lot of task waiting for me and I have to go now.

Till next entry, take care everyone. Thanks so much to all of you who had take some time visiting my blog and leaving me a sweet notes. Lots of love from me, xoxo


rimbun said...

very nice combination of color.. I like it

HaniCheLat said...

nice red! and of course we ll be seeing more bags from u sis. hehe...

MamaTiaMia said...

salmi the tote is delicious:) looks like a happy lolly, i love it,the handle is cool too.Make more bag ya and make me drools over it.
re: yeap istana sri menanti yg on the right to kuala pilah tu lah,kat dalam sana tu ada muzeum dari istana lama,so ada kedai cenderahati kecik,tak banyak barang but you are lucky from time to time ada sepcial items from palace.Tiles tu i beli dari jalan ipoh,one of the shop there imports tiles from from spain and italy, odd pieces or old stock dia jual harga murah,tapi kena rajin berulang mencari:)

Salmi said...

Salaam rimbun, thanks :-)

Thanks hani, hopefully I have sometime for it :-)

Salaam mamatiamia, thankss so much..muahhhh..insyallah will make more bags one fine day :-)

owhh nanti boleh lah I drop by..takut jugak memula nak masuk..ingatkan area tu private area :-)..manalah tau kot2 jumpa nice items dari palace :-)
jalan ipoh tu mmg banyak tile tapi masa nak kesana tu.. memang kena rajin kesana to look for a better offer..thanks :-)

Kak Ina said...

cantik sangat!!!!

Yati said...

Kak Sal,
cantik bag! Seronoknya dapat join kelas jahit atau buat bag. :)

Marie said...

salam salmi, kalau agak2 nak jual ur books tu nnt, bgtau i naa...i ada tgk kat amazon =)