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Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Old To New

I found this old tempayan laying half buried in the soil and full of dust under my grandfather house. At a glanced it looks likes a new tempayan (sorry I did not snap the photo before the makeover) as the glazed surface is in excellent condition in and out.

According to my grandfather, it is belongs to my late great grandma. During the old days, tempayan is a must in every household. It came in many shapes, sizes and served many purposed such as to keep a salt, fermented fish, water reservoir or even valuable item. My great grandma used this tempayan to keep a salt. Since our small village is far from town, I guest with the size of tempayan, it could be for 6 months consumption.

I had asked kak Nora to paint 3 different topiary motives with rustic background. To cover the tempayan mouth, I placed an artificial topiary ball..*wink*..sapa kata mulut tempayan tak boleh ditutup, hiks. Those beautiful paintings on the tempayan add more sweet things to see and reminiscent my childhood moments. Hard time stories shared by late great grandma and my grandma is always a sweet things to remember as a reminder about my roots and always be thankful to the Allah s.w.t for what I have now.

Another furniture in my house which had received a magical stroke transformation from sis nora is my tv cabinet. It does not old as the tempayan but the age is same as my teenage daughter. I had gave a serious thought whether to do makeover or not. Is it worth for me to do it. I am giving myself a go since this cabinet is still in good condition and shape. I believe if it can last for almost 16 years, surely we will take a good care of it as long it can be used *smile*.


shima said...

me, canteq sangat hasil tangan k nora kan, tempayan pun banyak memori indah... mesti setiap saat mata kat situ je ;)

Salmi said...

shima, yes very nice decorative painting indeed :-). yes, selalunya kenangan pahit pada masa dulu banyak mengajar kita untuk jadi lebih baik pada masa akan datang..insyallah..thanks shima for your sweet notes :-)