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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

We had a lovely afternoon walk today at the Sydney Lake *wink* @ Tasik Perdana. Overall we are impressed with the upgrading works done by the local authorities DBKL..two thumbs up for them :-)

Beautiful landscape

Clean and well maintained water canal

Widened walkway with lush green surroundings. We enjoyed the quite and peaceful moment while walking along this area.

Place to take a short break :-)..yes.. rehat kan kaki kejap :-)

Kalau dah penat jalan, boleh naik tramp nie. It's cost RM0.50 sen per person. Tramp nie nanti pusing keliling tasik and lalu dekat kawasan berhampiran tasik like taman orkid, memorial tun abdul razak dan taman burung.

To all my followers, friends, blog readers, silent readers and those who had linked my blog, thanks so much for spending your precious time visiting, reading and leaving a comments on my entry. I really appreciate it :-). I am wishing everyone a blessed and wonderful new year !


Yan said...

Salam kenal.

segarnya mata..

Angeline Yoshiko said...

Happy New Year. May you be blessed with overflowing happiness, love,
good health and wealth.

Salmi said...

Salaam Yan, salam kenal kembali..thank you sudi singgah :-)

Hi angeline, Happy New Year to you too :-)

HaniCheLat said...

wow! tak tau pun lake garden ada tramp.. good! boleh bawak budak2 nanti.. :-)

Salmi said...

ada hani, gi lah..ada taman rusa jugak..they will like it :-)