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Monday, May 02, 2011

IDFR International Charity Bazaar 2011

Salaams and Hello everyone, it's May already :-)..not so much on my craft updates lately as I was occupied with so many works :-)..however, I managed to attend craft events held in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. So here goes a little updates and pictures from me *wink*.

Snap shot at Russia Booth

The event is organized by the ladies Association of the foreign Affairs Ministry (Perwakilan) for two days from 16-17 April 2011 at IDFR, Kuala Lumpur. Purpose of this bazaar is to raise a fund for a paediatric ward and deserving organisation in the city. I came to know about the event through the newspaper.

Kenya Booth

In a statement, Wisma putra said through public diplomacy, the bazaar provided a platform and opportunity for the various foreign embassies and high commisions to promote their culture, tourism and meet the public. Some of the participating countries are Palestine, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Indonesia, Turki, Yaman, Jordan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Namibia, Japan and many more. It is an interesting event to visit as we got a chance to know other countries cultures through their gifts and craft displayed at the booth.

I bought this 11 inch hand painted souvenir plate for the price Rm30 only from the Jordan booth. Next update will be Inacraft 2011 in Jakarta :-).

Till then, take care and xoxo


MamaDaniel said...

wah.. bestnyer.. tak tau pun ada bazaar nih.. melepas.. hehehe...

Salmi said...

salaam mama daniel, ha ah memang best, first day tu my doter gi ngan auntie dia, dia kasi free key chain ngan free magnets lagi :-)..kalau ada lagi next year, sal war2 kan yer..