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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Inacraft 2011

Inacraft 2011 -- considered as one of the largest craft exhibition in Asia and the biggest in Indonesia is an annual event which is held in the month of April. This year, it is their 13th exhibition. I found out about this fair through my blogger friend ~ Tini who had attended this fair last year.

There are many interesting and unique product produced by home based industries or mass production. The hanging lamp in the picture was made from a corn cobs *wink*. I believe a craft fair like this is a good platform to create a market place for a creative economy. Since there are many foreigners visiting the fair, it will encourage the craft maker to improve the material and product quality as well.

Almost all province in Indonesia is participating in the craft fair with their specialty product and we will find a wide range of batik, gift items, home wares, wooden toys, jewellery, fashion and embroidery, garden decorative and etc. I managed to bought few doilies, coaster, coffee table runner from the above shop that sells machine made lace.

As the place is crowded with people, I only managed to snap few pictures. It was a short trip as my family also tag along and I dont have much time to browse all booth since we have a very pack schedule during our 3 days stay in Jakarta. Insyallah I will be coming again, next year to look for innovation and inspiration.


Yati said...

Bestnya pergi craft exhibition camni. Boleh jamu mata. :)

Salmi said...

salaam yati, ha ah seronok cuci mata, cari idea dan inspirasi dari craft exhibition camni..lagi pun penduduk dia ramai..of course macam2 kraft dan idea ada..