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Monday, June 27, 2011

ICCA -- The Experience..

Lemon chiffon cake with lemon curd toping

Salaams and hello to all my followers and readers. Thank you so much for your time, reading and viewing my entry. I appreciate it very much. This entry is all about food and mostly about my experience joining the Better Baking Course Series 1 at Wilton, Kota Damansara. For our fourth and finale class of the series 1, we are baking 2 type of cakes which is Lemon Chiffon Cake and Genois (is named after its place of origin, Genoa in Italy)

Now, lets talk about my chiffon cake. I was so happy with the outcome. It rise almost close to the pan level..*big smile*. The success of the chiffon cake depends on your meringue. It must be at the stiff peak as the photo below :-).

Now I am bit comfortable in whipping the egg white as before this, I was bit confused with the meringue peak definition - soft, medium and stiff. Usually the instructor will make a demonstration and later we will make our own cake with their supervision. There is a lot of tips and tricks shared during the whole lesson.

This is sinfully taste Genois, my girls loves it very much and me too!. I am not a cake person but any cake with light texture will be my preference :-).

The genoise with Chocolate Ganas (as my husband pronounce it) ..well Ganache..if we put Nutella pun also nice kan..but look at the Nutella price tag now..quite expensive..pening makcik kalau nak wat filling semata-mata nutella ajer.. this is a puff pastry made by my other half :-) wink..he is joining the class for puff pastry making at ICCA too :-)..very gebus kan..and tasty too.

A very light snack merigue puff suitable for kids birthday party or even afternoon tea :-). We personally feels the baking/pastry class is a good experience and worth the investment. Memang a bit pricey, but the knowledge memang sangat berbaloi. In baking, the oven temperature is important, using a right ingredient, right tools and technique will ensure the success in baking. All ingredients used in the class is a good quality like Philladelphia cheese , RICH whip cream and SCS butter for the pastry. The most important thing, it is a hands-on class. At the end of they day, we bring home a success cake or pastry as the instructor will ask us to make another cake should our cake failed during the lesson and we all learned from other people mistakes too, thank you friends :-). If you need more information about the class do check this websites :

Till next enty, have a great day ahead :-)


MamaTiaMia said...

salam salmi, i love looking at yr lemon and genoise cake..terinagt-ingat balik:) hope you enjoy yrself there..walaupun penat butfun kan.Thank you for the wish..masa kejap sangat berlalu kan salmi;):)

Salmi said...

salaam mamatiamia, yes we did enjoy our class..really fun! and walaupun owner dia bukan muslim, tapi ada tempat yang selesa untuk solat..alhamdulillah..most welcome..moga tia & mia and family dimurahkan rezeki dan sihat2 selalu :-)..