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Friday, December 02, 2011

Oh ! Somewhere Over The Rainbow :-)

Salaams and Hello everyone :-)

I baked a rainbow cake for school holidays *wink*. DD had asked me to make this cake for quite sometimes but I keep postponed it due to my busy schedule with family events from the 1st weekend till the 4th weekend of November. It was an exhausted month where we had extensive travelling for events and business travelling.

To fulfill DD request, I had gently stated a term with them to help me to clean the kitchen after the baking *wink*. The cake baking process is not difficult, it is just a like normal cake, but since I need to bake 6 layer cake, I will need to have 6 cake pan, I only have 4 cake pan with size 8.5 inches, by 0.5 inch larger from the recommended size in the recipe by Martha stewart, so I can only make about 5 layer with appropriate thickness.

Now, the tricky part is to prepare the lemony~ Swiss~ Meringue~ Buttercream -- something that I never done before. I need to get some ideas on how the texture and consistency should be and Youtube come to the rescue J. I did not follow exactly from the recipe on the filling and frosting suggestion, I decided to make the cake frosting as a filling too, to minimize the usage of white eggs as I had no immediate idea on how to utilize the 14 egg yolks if I were to do both filling and frosting buttercream.

I followed the buttercream frosting instruction *exactly* but, after I changed the whisk attachment to paddle (as per instruction) the disaster happened -- it never hardened and become bit watery! even though I had beat it for 5 minutes, Oh my! I wonder what went wrong? *sigh*. I read the cake review again and later find out my mistakes maybe with the meringue, I did not beat the sugar/egg whites until it perform nice and glossy peak. Anyhow, the frosting ingredients is only sufficient for cake filling and not enough to cover the whole cake J. Overall the cake taste nice and I add additional of 1 tbsp lemon grind and juice in the cake ingredient to eliminate the egg white smell J

Take care and xoxo :-)


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