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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Made in Petaling Jaya

Salaams and Hello my blog readers :-)

It was another long weekend and we are busy with family event and crafts activities. It was a productive public holiday for us *wink*. Since DD Sara is on semester holiday I suggested her to enroll for a bag making lesson at Yee Button, SS2 PJ for 4 hours class with fee of RM100 excluding the materials. We can opt for 2 hours class wit fee of Rm50, but considering that she is a beginner and never use the sewing machine, 4 hours will be ok for her.

I purposely pick a medium difficulty hobo bag for her to sew, so that she will learn few sewing technique like sewing the bag lining with interfacing, zipper and open pocket and sew the crochet lace on the fabric surface Once she acquiring this skill, it will be easier for her to attempt making a much simple bag.

The hobo bag interiors, quite spacious for her to carry personal belongings. According to Sara, sewing the zipper pocket is the most difficult part for her as she had to undo the sewing for few times. I am glad that the teacher is very helpful, patience and not easily pleased with the student result. She asked her to undo it few times for a better finishing.

Back view of the hobo bag with pleated at both sides. It measures about 9.5 inches height excluding the leather strap and 14 inches width. Overall I am happy with her as she managed to complete the bag lesson within a given time. She also happy with her personal achievement. You never know until you try, sara :-).

Till next entry, take care and have a nice week ahead.


shima said...

bestnya..pandai sara jahit

Salmi said...

Alamdulillah shima, dapat jugak dia siapkan satu beg..sebelum nie sentuh mesin jahit pun dia tak teringin..hihihi

Yati said...

Bestnya, kalau Yati dok KL lagi, nak juga join kelas jahit. Satu jam je pun jadilah, sebab beginner juga guna mesin ni. :)

Salmi said...

salaam yati, kalau datang KL nanti boleh singgah Yee Button, bawak mesin kita sendiri pun boleh, nanti dia boleh tunjuk mcm mana nak guna and belajar dari teacher anak sal lagi pandai jahit zip dari sal..hehehe