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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holiday Baking


Salaam and Hello readers :-)

It was a long holiday and we decided not to travel outstation as I knew that the traffic is going to be very bad as most people are taking this long holiday opportunity to go for holiday or balik kampung for CNY Celebration.  In my housing area, the traffic congestion had started since Wednesday last week till Friday.  On Friday, the traffic condition is the worst as my journey to office usually take about 10 minutes become 1 hour with bumper to bumper jammed! *sigh*.

Since we have 2 wedding invitation over the weekend and DH is having a meeting also over the weekend, we decided to stay at home doing what we love to do like watching movie, sewing, baking and do some house keeping *wink*.  After Durian Crepe fenomena, now melty hershey become popular among the cooking blogger and facebook, I decided to make one and thanks to Azlita Aziz for sharing the recipe and its worth trying *yum*

This is my second time baking this yummylicious recipe shared by muna mashed potato with minced lamb pie.  I am preparing this for my breakfast and everybody at home loves this pie especially DH who is a fan of Lamb *smile*.  Thanks Muna!

Masak dari Hati Masak Dengan Iman - Nasi Bukhari a homemade recipe shared by Chef Ammar Ali during his cooking show at TV Alhijrah.  The cooking process is much easier than preparing a Mandhi Rice.  This is a must try recipe.  You can find the recipe from his facebook.

I learned to make a French Loaf from my brother in law who is a Chef de Pattisserie.  Usually, bila my BIL balik cuti, we will request a cooking class for a family and if he is not busy he will fulfill our request.  Lenguh tangan nak menguli roti nie with few methods of kneading...lebih kurang 4 jam dari proses menguli sampai membakar. Rasanya beli kat kedai lah lagi senang..*wink* ayooo if bil tau..sure dia tak nak ajar buat roti lagi..hahaha...but it is an good experience for us *smile*. 

Till next entry, take care and xoxo.

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