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Friday, December 05, 2014

Stylish Tote Bag


Assalamualaikum and Hello Friends :-)

Happy Weekends (wink)..wuuhuuuu..This is my last saturday project.  It was fun and my second bag after 4 years ..haaaa???..yerps..muahahaha. My best friend had influenced me to joined the class at Fabric Fanatic, Level one at USJ Summit.  Do drop by at their shop for a small project classes like pouch, pencil case, coin purse frame, doctors bag and many more.  Teacher Rebecca is very friendly. The fee is reasonable and inclusive of the material, teachers fee and you may use their sewing machine at no cost.  If you cannot complete your lesson in one day, you may continue at other session free of charge.

Well..I hate this part..hand sewing through this leather is a tedios part

Inner part with one pocket.  Proses menjahit beg nie macam camtum puzzle..memula jahit 2 bag yang di tindih dengan zip, lepas tu tarik dekat bahagian yang tak berjahit, walllaaa keluar bag.  Best friend cakap "magic"..hiks

Sakit tangan nak jahit handle tu, tapi rasa sangat berbaloi rm190 for the whole project.  Fabric tu me pilih sendiri. 

Muahahaha..ada kena mengena ke fabric atas dengan rancangan masak nie?..hihihi..

Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Holiday!.

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