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Friday, January 09, 2015

Decorate with Roses

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone :-)

After almost a month break from stitching activities, alhamdulillah I had started the 2nd pillow using pink candy background fabric.  The design is still the same.  

Spotlight Ampang Point is having their 30% storewide sales, and this semco embroidery scissors is priced at rm11 after less.  To good to be ignored *wink*

I never feel bored stitching the same design again and again, it gaves me more oppurtunity to explore the color combination. To yati, alhamdulillah kak sal getting better meskipun stitches lama jugak nak baik..hiks jenis tak pantang makan kot..and any enquiries tentang tempahan boleh email to walaubagaimanapun me memohon maaf yang tempahan untuk hari raya dah penuh sebab me jahit lambat dan tempahan jugak banyak takut nanti tak sempat siap.

Take care and salam.

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