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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dear Me...

One of the sisters imparted this valuable advice to me and thought I'd share it with you guys...
She said, don't be too concerned about the matters of livelihood of your children... Your job is to raise them as good Muslims. Just make sure you give them la ilaaha illalaah and the dunya will come to them regardless.
Also don't raise them to be your pillar of strength in your old age... If they serve you, it's a bonus. But be assured it is Allah and only Allah who takes care of His creatures through apparent and unexpected means. So don't rely on the means too much.
By the time your children are prepared to leave your nest, make sure you have equipped them with sound knowledge of Allah's Book. If not, the entire Quran. Then let our kids read and know at least five suwaar which contain etiquette, code of life and conduct and great wisdom for society as a whole in them.
These suwaar are Al Baqarah, Al Nisaa, Al Noor, Al Ahzaab and Al Hujuraat.
Teach them the importance of sabr and trust in Allah. Know that Jannah and meeting Allah will make your hardships bearable and sweet and anticipating.
And lastly tell them...One day it's all gonna be over... And you will see the fruits of your efforts... You will be greeted by Angels who give you salaam... And you will then realise that you could have never made it this far if you did not know you had a meeting with your Creator, the Most Gracious, the most Merciful and your beloved Messenger.
This is the greatest hope and longing of a believer.
Believe in Allah...and go and face the world.


muna mahdzar-fadaaq said...

best advice ever! thanks for sharing

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